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Baldapalooza is here to raise funds to help Idaho’s children fighting life threatening illnesses, build awareness, and create a magical, memorable experience for the community.

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We had wanted to do another music festival for 2016 at Scentsy and we had settled on August for our event. One of the ways we wanted to use some of the money we raised was to help send children to cancer camp. Just as we were starting to plan, a very generous company offered Camp Rainbow Gold the opportunity to use the soon to be opened Boise Centre for an inaugural fundraiser.

It didn’t make much sense for there to be two huge events back to back to help Idaho’s children battling cancer.

To make it clear, we are not taking the year off, instead we are joining forces.  Baldapalooza is helping Camp Rainbow Gold with an event that will be unlike anything the Treasure Valley has seen. On September 9th, prepare yourself not to miss SHINE, a benefit dedicated to the radiant among us!

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So much more than a music festival.

Bubble Run
May 27th @ Expo Idaho

We are looking for people to help volunteer at the upcoming Bubble Run. We have been asked to provide 40 people from 6:00 am-11:30 am for the event that day.

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Each year, Baldapalooza is getting bigger! Our dream is to continue to raise funds, help families, and heal souls. Baldapalooza is a magical experience for the community, a break from all things medical to focus on all things FUN.