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We are proud to be part of rallying our community together to fight child illnesses and celebrate family life.

Hopefully, you’ve never had to spend time on the fourth floor (the Pediatric Wing) at St. Luke’s. But if you have, you can testify how difficult it is to watch children of all ages suffering and struggling.

The very first Baldapalooza (2013) raised funds to create the Hall of Heroes. There are now 22 portraits of some of the bravest warriors you’d ever want to meet. Each of these children share their stories and advice to families just starting the cancer journey.

Our Achievements

For the 2014 and 2015 Baldapalooza Music Festival’s we raised funds to support Camp Rainbow Gold.

They’ve been around for more than 30 years and not only do they take Idaho’s cancer children and their families away for camps, they also give out scholarships and host year round activities to ease the pain and grinding stress. As the mom of a toddler currently undergoing Chemotherapy put it, “the Oncologists work to save my son’s life, Camp Rainbow Gold works to save our spirits!

Hall of Heroes

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Hall of Heroes

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Last year, Camp Rainbow Gold sent over 200 Idahoans to camps. Pretty amazing when you realize it takes more than $2000 to send each camper up into the mountains—and the children and their families do not pay a penny for these heaven-sent escapes. These aren’t typical camps, at Camp Rainbow Gold there is a fully functioning “Med Shack” where Oncology kids get Chemotherapy and other complicated treatments during their stay.

Camp Rainbow Gold

Camp Rainbow Gold