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Baldapalooza began in 2013, and keeps getting bigger and bigger each year! Check out our past events below.

On Memorial Weekend, May 2016, Baldapalooza served as the charity partner for the first ever Bubble Run in the Treasure Valley. Over 7 thousand Idahoans slogged through mountains of bubbles and fields of foam! We even had a booth at the finish line to help raise awareness and educate the public on all things Balda.

Past Events

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Our 2015 Baldapalooza was the one where we felt we pulled off exactly what we had hoped to create, with Andy Grammer headlining.

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This year we held it on the stunning grounds at Scentsy’s headquarters. So many of you turned out to support Idaho’s children battling cancer and to be dazzled by Andy Grammer.

Andy’s mother died from cancer and he opened up, told intimate stories and sang his heart out. We also had Mossi, who wowed the audience, Ashley Hess, Jessica Domingo and locals; Doug Petcash, Ryan Bayne and The Runaway Hamsters.

Internet star and sensation, Stuart Edge served as our Master of Ceremonies, entertaining and baffling the audience with his jokes, pranks and magic tricks.

It was a picture perfect day and evening with fun activities for the kids, yummy food and the highlight—the Hall of Heroes on display before it went up in the hospital. We actually ran out of Kleenex and had to raid Scentsy’s cafeteria for stacks of napkins.

We really wanted to create an experience, not just another concert. All of our VIP ticket holders were paired with our little cancer heroes. They ate dinner together and got to go back for a “meet and greet” photo session with Andy Grammer.

The grand finale was one of those moments you won’t forget. Andy was joined on stage by the 50 member performing choir from Eagle High School and the other artists to sing an emotional rendition of Hallelujah. Once again, many of our cancer families launched colorful lanterns up to the heavens- making the sky flicker and glow.

Baldapalooza 2015 - Andy Grammer on Stage

Baldapalooza 2015 - Scentsy Commons - Aerial

2016 Bubble Run

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2015 BaldaPalooza

Bubble Run Boise - 2016
Baldapalooza at Bubble Run 2016
Bubble Run 2016 Entrance

Baldapalooza 2015 - Face Paint Family
Baldapalooza 2015 - Camp Rainbow Gold
Baldapalooza 2015 Hall of Heroes

Baldapalooza 2014 - We Are the Strike
Baldapalooza 2014 - Fan Girls
Baldapalooza 2014 - Ashley Monroe

2014 Baldapalooza

Ashley Monroe (one of the Pistol Annies) flew in from Nashville with her band to headline. Ashley has a connection to Camp Rainbow Gold—she has been to camp and has held songwriting workshops with children fighting cancer. She is a phenomenal talent.

Fictionist came back again, and this time we had the energetic We Are the Strike perform followed by boy band, Beyond Five. They had all the teenage girls screaming and crying. They were followed by R&B and Soul singer, Mimi Knowles and locals Mossi, Waking Jordan, Desirae Bronson and Brooke Faulk.

As always, the highlight was at the end of the evening when many cancer families scattered throughout the crowd lit huge, colorful paper lanterns and launched them into the night sky.

The 2014 Baldapalooza partnered with Camp Rainbow Gold to raise awareness and to help send more children battling cancer to camp.

Our 2014 event had a little country twang to it, with Ashley Monroe from the Pistol Annies as our headliner.

2013 Baldapalooza

Let’s just say when you tell people you are holding a fundraiser to help those little bald kiddos—people come out of the woodwork!

Baldapalooze 2013 | Lonni Intro
Baldapalooza 2013

On September 14, 2013, we held our first Baldapalooza. We had three standout artists from the TV show, The Voice; a singer from The X Factor, several top notch bands and a handful of local artists take to the stage. We had tons of booths, lots of yummy food and a huge Kid’s Zone sponsored by a couple local businesses.

We took great care to make sure the event was uplifting and fun but also educational. We had several of our local cancer kids introduce the musical acts. We had one young boy get up on stage and show one of the artists how easy it is to swab the inside of your cheek for DNA to register for the “Be the Match” program for bone marrow. Our final number featured all of the artists on stage singing Hallelujah (from Shrek) while several of the Cancer survivors lit and launched giant, brightly colored paper lanterns into the night sky. There were very few dry eyes.

We took the funds we raised to create a Hall of Heroes at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.


  • Ryan Innes (from NBC’s The Voice)
  • Midas Whale (from NBC’s The Voice)
  • Amy Whitcomb (from NBC’s The Voice)
  • J. Ryan (from Fox’s X Factor)
  • Fictionist (Salt Lake City Band)
  • Waking Jordan (Treasure Valley Band)

Baldapalooza 2013 | Stage